Canadian student -Raiya Bennee sings "My Favorite Things"

Very Young Canadian Singer Raiya Bennee performing "My favorite Things" from the Sound of Music"  

American online student Clare Celocia plays "Zanarkan"

Check out this beautiful piano piece by Nubou Uematsu.

American online student Riley Reyes perform La Valse

Online USA student Riley Reyes Perform music by Yann Tiersen. 

American online student Sanjana Kale Plays Yann Tiersen

Another take of Amelie, does not matter how many times we listen to it is always enjoyable.

Riley Reyes (American Student) plays The velocity of love by

Check out this great video

American student Clare Celocia performs "Amelie"

Music by Yann Tiersen.

two interpretations side by side. and they are just beautiful.

American student Nikhil Kamath

A Night in Mumbai, an Original jazz composition by Nikhil.

American student Sanjana Kale plays "Rain" by Ciani.

Check out this great video

Clare Celocia plays Ciani.

Check out this great video

American online student Ritvik Teegavarapu plays Oscar Peter

Cool Jazz piano piece.

Canadian student Ethan Romain

Nocturne "Atacama Desert"

American Student Riley Reyes plays.Neverland

A  great video a great piano ballad...Enjoy.

American Online student Justin Sun plays Oscar Peterson Cm p

Check out this great video

Autumn Dyer Canadian student

Great video featuring Autumn Dyer. 

Canadian student Eastyn Dagostini

Performing "To a Skyscraper"

by John Thompson.

American student Rohin Teegavarapu

8 years old Rohin performing music by the Canadian composer Oscar Peterson.

Ethan Romain Canadian student

Ethan Romain plays The Tiresome Woodpecker by John Thompson.

"The Lullaby Project." 3 students from separate locations

3 students, in 3 far away places,come together as if they were playing at the same location (they are thousands of miles apart). All a testimony of the online instruction potential.